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SimpliMechanic is an on-demand auto mechanic service providing fast communication, live vehicle monitoring, and direct access to mechanic shops.
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Solving Customer #FOCAM
(Fear of Calling a Mechanic)


What’s Wrong?

“My car is everything to me. My #FOCAM is that I’ve been driving with an issue without knowing about it, and possibly being faced with major repairs. Simpli let’s me know immediately when there’s an issue so I can take care of it.”

Industrial Designer


What Should I Do?

“My #FOCAM is that I don’t have enough car knowledge to know needs to be fixed. I fear the unknown of having to pay for more services than are actually needed. Simpli makes the process simple, clear, and manageable.”

Marketing Manager 


How long will this take?

“I just don’t have time to wait at a shop for hours. My #FOCAM is that I’ll be unable to get my car to shop for routine maintenance, but as a mom, safety is so important to me! Simpli’s mobile installer comes to right to my driveway to take care of my car on my time.”

Working Mom, Sales

Seasonall Automotive Center and SimpliMechanic

Meet Chris Atwood, owner of the Seasonall Automotive in Rochester, NY.#seasonallautomotive #ondemandmechanic

Posted by SimpliMechanic on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Meet the Simpli Partnered Shops

Seasonall Auto in Rochester, NY Joins Simpli

Special care, trusted service personal, safe practices, timely responses, and valuable pricing; just a few of the qualities we require for partnership.

Simpli Brings the Mechanic to You

SimpliMechanic offers plans that allow you to communicate directly with your mechanic, monitor your vehicles status, and schedule an on-demand auto mechanic to your location.


24/7 Service Desk
One-Click Scheduling
In-App Messaging
On-location Service
Trusted Mechanic Shops


Smart Car Assistant
Car-Connected Monitoring
Vehicle Alerts
Special Shop Promotions
24/7 Service Desk
One-Click Scheduling
In-App Messaging
On-location Service
Trusted Mechanic Shops

*First year billed at signup.