Effortless Auto Care & Maintenance.

Meet Simpli. The world's first personal assistant for all your auto care needs.

“How much life is left in my brakes?”
“What’s a good replacement battery?”
“When’s my next oil change due?”
“Why is my check engine light on?”
“Can you schedule a safety inspection?”
“How much would new snow tires cost me?”
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How can Simpli help you with your auto care and maintenance?

Connecting you, your car, and your shop.
Simpli Chat Screen Shot


Rest easy with Simpli. Your smart assistant can answer all your auto maintenance questions.

Simpli Chat Screen Shot
“SIMPLI, how much is my next auto repair going to cost?”
“SIMPLI, schedule an appointment for an oil change when it’s due.”
“SIMPLI, what battery should I buy to replace the current one?”


Save time & money with Simpli.Your smart assistant tracks maintenance, alerts, appointments and more to keep your car in good health.

iPhone with repair reporting screen shot.
iPhone with repair reporting screen shot.


Get VIP service with Simpli points. Get rewarded for prompt and good automaintenance.

iPhone with Simpli alerts.

Earn Points

Earn Simpli points for good car care and maintenance.

iPhone with Simpli alerts.

Redeem Points

Use your Simpli points for important day to today auto care needs.

It's that Simple.

Relax and let Simpli take care of your car for you.

Download the Simpli App

Download the Simpli App

Plug in the Adapter

Plug in the Adapter

Connect with Your Shop

Connect with Your Shop

SIMPLI pays for itself.

Through convenience, security, and cost benefits.

“You’ll never have to pay your mechanic to scan car codes ever again.”
“I save so much time with Simpli’s automatic scheduling and reminders.”
“Knowing my family has access to help during roadside emergencies is priceless.”

SIMPLImechanic helps my mechanic to keep tabs on my car. With such care my car is up and running all the time. No more dropping off my car for 3 days.”

Amanda - Jeep Liberty


SIMPLImechanic gives me live data on my car for me to digest. I know exactly what’s happening under the hood.

Scott - Porsche Panamera


SIMPLImechanic takes the worry out of my car maintenance. It tell’s me exactly what needs to be taken care of and schedules an appointment for me!

Laura - Kia Optima


I’m always on-the-run, and need my car ready to go when I am. SIMPLImechanic keeps me and my car safe even when I don’t have time to manage my auto appointments.

Jane - Pre-Owned Lexus